The factory is a unit of 3 Floors of RCC measuring 42000 sq.ft which is centrally located in the heart of the city, which has accessibility and connectivity from all the modes of transportation. It is just adjacent to Falaknuma station on one side where as the other connects the Road- a Highway Banglore through Hyderabad International Air port 6 km

The state of the art facility


The cutting edge technology contribute in sorting is used to obtain specific accuracy in the sorted grain which in turn help us to have our customer trust even more. Anzai, Japan Sortex machine are known for the best performance and cost effective. Buller, UK, sortex Machine Z+ model, our 2 imported Sortex machines work with sorting capacity of 5 M.tom/hour each

The automatic destoner


An automated retail packing unit which has the facility of packing quantity ranging from as big as 501kg bag to as small as a 100 grams pouch with automatic machines and electronic weighing scales. Even this is done at a pace of over 50 M. Ton of packing on daily basis.

The Suncue grain dryer